The Story of a Photographer

I discovered my love of photography aged ten when my mum bought me a Polaroid camera for Christmas, and I was hooked on manipulating images. I think I always saw the world differently and not being particularly good at drawing or painting photography gave me the creative outlet I craved.

As a teenager I had a number of friends who had started bands and soon I was attending rehearsals and taking promo shots for sleeve artwork, labels and posters.

I studied photography and visual arts in my hometown on the Isle of Wight and later followed my dream of becoming a professional photographer to London where I got to meet some of the "greats" of the photographic world.

Taking inspiration from music, fashion and art I extended my passion for manipulating the still image with various software packages and from that The Filtered Image was born.

Today I am happiest with a camera in my hand and hope that the joy that it brings me is reflected in my images.

I hope you enjoy my pictures, and they add something to your life.